Millions of books have been written about seducing women, manipulating them and getting them into bed, somehow. But is it really possible to seduce women, or for that matter anyone, without understanding them?

Sadly very few have tried to deal with this subject and fewer have tried to explain it to a man in a language he understands. This book does that. Women seem hard to understand because they possess a body physiology that changes a bit too often in response to her body needs and with that changes her emotional response, once you understand this consistency in inconsistency you can predict them better, then you can predict rain with a cloudy sky.

What is she thinking while you are making an attempt to seduce her? How is her mind reacting to your gestures, your body language, your words and the tone of it? What are chemical changes taking place in her body which will ultimately result in an emotional response? It is all wired in; all you need to do is understand the circuitry

What is the process of sex for her? is it physical or emotional? Huge changes take place in her body during the act, what are those changes? Is the act itself so important? Can you make the act better with certain moves? Are there any specific zones that can take her to heaven? Can anyone perfect the act that makes her spasm with pleasure or you simply need a macho man to do that?

It is not a simple process, her mind is the product of millions of years of human evolution and it bears every mark of it, she might be modern but her mind still belongs to a cave woman. The media and the advertisement world have presented you with a very constricted view of women and her needs. There can be a huge difference between what she is supposed to look like, as per the society and cultural norms and what she actually likes.

This book will help you unlearn everything wrong that has been fed to you and enlighten you with a knowledge that is precious and rare.

So if you have ever wondered –
What is it that she wants? I think I have it all, then what is it that I lack?
What is it that I have to do to make myself irresistible to her or any other woman?
How can I make her want me, long after the honeymoon is over?

You want to know why is she so emotional, so moody or so confused?

If you want answers to some of your really personal questions like –

Am I too small? Or do I need to last longer? Or am I doing it right? Is she or is she not satisfied by me?

This is not some superficial book that deals with how you talk with her and what you say or how you dress, this is a scientific analysis of her body, mind, and thoughts that play the most important part of her seduction.

All these scientific concepts are presented in the most fun and easy to understand manner.
So if you are a man who wants to understand a women’s psychology, physiology, and anatomy, use the same to your advantage and be the man, every man wants to be –